Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On Shelves Now: DOWN TO THE LAST OUT, The Journal of Biddy Owens, The Negro Leagues by Walter Dean Myers

192 p.
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Ages: 8 to 12

Seventeen-year-old Biddy Owens is part of the Birmingham Black Barons baseball team and dreams of becoming a major league baseball player. However, in 1948 most black players can only play for the Negro Leagues. Jackie Robinson has just recently integrated and is playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, but the white owners are reluctant to add too many blacks to their rosters. The Birmingham Black Barons are some of the best players in the league. But as they travel around playing ball, Biddy realizes that not everyone is ready for blacks and whites to play on the same team. Can Biddy prove he's good enough to be part of the game he loves, no matter what color his skin is?

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